The SphenoCath® is the first, and continues to be the best, patented catheter designed for delivery of medication to the sphenoethmodial recess and and its underlying structures.

Step One

Trigeminal nociceptive fibers travel through the SPG on the way to the middle meningeal nerve which innervates the middle cranial fossa, with other branches connecting with the ophthalmic trigeminal nerve, continuing to the frontal dura and the optic nerve dura.

Step Two

More than 80% of patients with chronic migraine report at least one autonomic symptom with attacks

SPG blockade may be effective in treating headache, and is now commonly used in advanced headache practices, as evidenced by the 2017 Survey of American Headache Society members.

This procedure, or the use of this delivery device, is fairly simple if the anatomy and potential stumbling blocks are understood. It is also quite easy to miss the desired target if not. It is also a brief and minimally uncomfortable procedure when done by a trained clinician. It is very safe and remarkably effective in a high percentage of cases, and is a tool which any practitioner who deals with the conditions mentioned on this site will soon find to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable to offer and perform.

To speak with a representative and to receive detailed written training instructions and a video demonstration, and to learn about options for hands-on training, as well as information on ordering devices, please email a request to lela@sphenomedintermountain.com or call 801-870-0032.